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    Seftey Gloves


    The Grinder: classic looks with a great?ergonomic fit.?They?also offer a high?level of?protection due to the combination of leather and 100% DuPont Kevlar..

    When riding?the patina?of the vintage leather becomes stronger little by little every time the gloves are worn and so, after just a short period of time, it can tell the rider?s unique story.
    • The Grinder?is able to ensure these exceptional protective properties by combining 1 – 1.1mm of abrasion resistant leather with a inner lining made of 100% DuPont? Kevlar?at the points most at risk during a fall (palms).
    • The natural breathability of the bovine leather ensures that the skin?s moisture is channeled out little by little while also protecting the biker from the cold and the wind.
    • reinforcement liner made of 100 % Dupont? Kevlar ?
    • bovine leather / strength 1-1.1mm
    • pre-formed ergonomic fit
    • vintage leather
    • loose fit strap with double seam
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